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Have you ever wondered which one is the world’s greatest country to spend your holidays and explore the different cultures around the world? Well, you should browse about Dubai. Dubai is an Emirate in the United Arab Emirates which is known for its exceptional architecture, luxurious lifestyle and unbelievable history.

Visit visa to Dubai has never been so easy than these days, find out more about visit visa to Dubai You must be thinking which visa you should take? It depends on your plan of visit and purpose of visit, whether you are traveling for a vacation, holidays, or to open a business in Dubai. You can choose from different types of Dubai visit visa stated below.

Types of Dubai tourist visa

· 14 Days Visit visa to Dubai If you are planning to come for a short vacation, attend a seminar or to attend a meeting, 14 days visit visa is the preferred Dubai visit visa category for you.

· 30 Days Visit visa to Dubai: For any reason such as holidays, family gathering, medical or any other reason if you want to visit Dubai. You have the visa category that matches your requirement. Apply for 30 days visit visa for Dubai.

· 90 Days Visit visa to Dubai: If you are planning a long-term visit to UAE, to be a part of an exhibition organized in UAE or to survey your business market in UAE and planning to open a business in UAE, 90 Days visit visa is just convenient for it.

· 30 Days Multiple entry visit visa to DubaiExactly the same category as a day’s visit visa, however a multiple entry visit visa to Dubai allows you to enter in UAE multiple times in UAE for 30 days from your first entry.

· 90 Days Multiple entry visit visa to DubaiThis category is for those who have a global business chain around the world and happens to enter into UAE often, 90 Days multiple entry UAE tourist visa allows you to enter into the country multiple times starting from the day of your first entry till 90 days.

Nowadays, time is very important to most people and when it comes to saving time and securely applying for a Dubai visit visa online it is very important to know the entire application guideline thoroughly before you apply for a UAE visit visa online.

To apply UAE visit visa online, you should get below listed documents before you initiate the process.

Required Documents

  • Passport copy (Front and Back – Optional) (Clear Scanned PDF)
  • Passport size photograph (80% covering face || White Background)
  • Return or onward flight tickets (Not necessary for visa application)
  • Confirmed hotel booking for the period of stay (Not necessary for some nationalities)

For tourists from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan other additional documents i.e., National ID or birth certificate may be required to process the visit visa application to UAE.

Once you attach the required documents, you will have to share your personal information where our visa experts can get in touch in case of any discrepancies.

Third step is to make a payment using a secure and encrypted payment channel. As soon as you’re done with the payment, our visa experts will verify your documents and submit your visa application according to your requirement.

Dubai visit visa price starts from AED 400/- however the price may vary according to the different nationalities and different types of visas to Dubai.

Once you finish all the steps of your online application for a visit visa to the UAE, just sit back and relax. We will complete all the necessary formalities for your visa application.

The processing of a visit visa to UAE usually takes 2-3 working days, however the approval or rejection of an application is strictly based on the immigration authorities irrespective of any type of visa application.

Payment and Refunds

All the Dubai visa types required a payment well in advance as the visa application charges are non-refundable and non-transferable irrespective of your visa application status (APPROVED || REJECTED)

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