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Speeding Up Your UAE Travel With An Express Visa; Benefits Explained.

What is a Dubai Express visa?

What Are the Documents Needed to Apply for a Dubai Express Visa?

How Much Is the Cost of An Express Visa for Dubai?

Type of VisaRegular Visa CostExpress Visa Cost
14 days Dubai visit visa$215$285
30 days Dubai Visa$225$295
30 days multiple entry visa$400$470
60 days Dubai visa$445$515
60 days multiple entry visa$520$590
60 days job seeker visa$445$515
30 days UAE visa for GCC residents$390$460
Dubai transit visa$159$229
How To Apply for an Express Dubai Visa online?
You can apply for a UAE visa online, through eDubai Visa, one of the best visa consultants in Dubai. Go to the eDubai Visa Application form and fill in the required details.

That’s it. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. You can start packing your bags now, and before you finish doing that, your Dubai express visa will be delivered to your WhatsApp or email by our experts!