90 Days Visit Visa Dubai

Dubai Visit Visa for 3 Months

Are you planning a long vacation in UAE and want to stay with your family for a little more time? All you need is a Dubai visit visa for 3 months, which enables you to stay longer in the UAE for 90 days in which you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Not sure when you will finish your Dubai project and you think that it may take a longer than the designated time, a Dubai visit visa for 3 months is the recommended visa category for you. It is indeed highly recommended to explore the Dubai’s insights during your stay in Dubai

Required Documents for Three (3) Months Visit Visa for UAE

  • Passport copy (Front and Back – Optional) (Clear Scanned PDF)
  • Passport size photograph (80% covering face || White Background)
  • Return or onward flight tickets (Not necessary for visa application)
  • Confirmed hotel booking for the period of stay (Not necessary for some nationalities)

People from some nationalities such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan supporting documents like national ID card or any other proof may be required for the one month visit visa applications.

In some cases, immigration also asks for the guarantor’s passport copy or emirates ID copy for their reference when you apply for a Dubai visit visa for 3 months.

Dubai visit visa charges for 3 month (Three month) will differ based on their nationalities from one another, however all types of Dubai visit visa charges include the medical insurance by default as it is necessary these days.

UAE visit visa fees for 3 months are little higher than short stay visa because it allows you to stay for a longer period and also it includes the covid-19 insurance during your stay.

90 Dubai visit visa price includes all the service charges, Taxes and insurance cost, so there’s no hidden charges for your 90 Days visit visa for Dubai.

Tips to avoid visa rejection

  • Ensure you provide all the required documents clearly visible, bad quality documents may be the reason for visa rejection for a 90 Days Dubai visit visa.
  • Ensure your passport is valid for more than 6 months while applying for the visa.
  • Make sure that you don’t have any previous active visa for UAE.

Foremost Information:

  • For a 3 month visit visa for UAE ensures you are older enough (18+ years) to travel alone; anyone below 18 years old has to apply for the visa along with their spouse.
  • Pre-plan your travel itinerary and necessary documentation according to your travel plan.
  • Check all the travel guidelines before heading for the airport and ensure all the related documents are with you.
  • You must have enough funds according to your travel plan to bear all the living expenses while you are in the UAE.
  • Based on your nationality, the document's requirements may vary. (I.e., you may require the present national identity or other essential documents for Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq nationalities.
  • All types of Dubai visit visa charges are non-refundable irrespective of the approval of the visa application.

Important Insights:

A 90 days Dubai visit visa comes with Insurance for COVID – 19, which is mandatory these days, and the price of your 90 days visit visa application includes the insurance charges.

Remember for the application process for 90 days Dubai visit visa; you do not have to provide a physical passport to anyone. Choose your travel agent wisely, and avoid giving unnecessary documents to eliminate your privacy exposure.

Ensure you leave the country or extend your visa before your 3 months visit visa for UAE expires. It is very important not to violate the country’s law unless it is really necessary to avoid legal actions and fines. 

Approval for a Dubai visit visa for 3 months takes 4-5 working days, and sometimes it gets approved in no time. However, the visa application’s acceptance or rejection is wholly based on the UAE government immigration authority.

Once your one month visit visa for Dubai is granted, you have 60 days to enter into UAE, which means that your tourist visa will be valid till 60 days from the date of issue. You have ample time to amend your itinerary plan and fly to UAE on your 90 days Dubai visit visa for your desired goal.

Approved visa copies will be sent to you at your email address or any other social channels preferred by you. While traveling, you can bring a paper copy of your approved visa for your reference.

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