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UAE Job Seeker Visa

The 60 days UAE job seeker visa is an ideal choice for people looking for employment in the UAE. With this Job exploration visa UAE, you can enter the UAE, attend interviews, and land a job in UAE. This would be considered a tourist visa with which you can search for jobs and convert into a Dubai work visa later. The job seeking visa dubai is valid for 60 days, which gives job seekers enough time to explore the job market, network with potential employers, and find a suitable job.
During this period, the job seeker dubai visa holder is allowed to attend interviews, meet potential employers, and even accept a job offer. Once a job offer is accepted, the visa holder can convert their job seeker visa into a work visa, which will allow them to legally work and live in the UAE. Detailed information on Dubai job seeker visa cost, job seeker visa Dubai requirements, application process, etc are explained below.


How Much is the Dubai Job Seeker Visa Price

How Much is the Dubai Job Seeker Visa Price

The cost of job seeker visa in uae is USD 445 for a regular visa. If you need your visa quickly, you can choose the Express option. An Express UAE job seeker visa costs around USD 515. The Express 60-day job seeker visa UAE price is greater than that of a regular job seeker visa UAE cost since your visa is completed within 24 hours, whereas a regular uae job seeker visa processing time is around 1-3 days.


Documents Required for a UAE Visa For Job Seekers

Documents Required for a UAE Visa For Job Seekers

To get a job seeker visa to UAE apply online with the following documents

  • Digital copy of the applicant’s Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
  • A coloured passport-sized photograph of the applicant.

How To Apply for a Dubai Job Seekers Visa?

How To Apply for a Dubai Job Seeker Visa?

The simple and straightforward application process of e Dubai visa services makes it easy to obtain your jobseeker visit visa in just a few clicks. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit our Apply Now page and select “60 days jobseeker visa” from the “Choose Your visa” dropdown.
  • Fill in the required details and submit the form.
  • Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be directed to our secure payment section. Simply fill in your payment details and proceed with your payment.

That’s it! Our team will review your application and email your job seekers visa uae to you as soon as it’s been processed.


Get your Job Seekers Visa Dubai

Get your Job Seekers Visa Dubai
  • Upon payment, your UAE jobseeker visa application will be successfully submitted.
  • TheUAE job seekers visa will be delivered to your email or WhatsApp after approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in order to search for jobs in the UAE, you should have a job search visa Dubai.
Yes, you can convert the job seeker visit visa to a labour visa once you find a job anywhere in the UAE.
If so, you will have to either extend your visa or exit the UAE and come back with a new visa.
No, the work visa cost will be paid by the company that hires you.
The cost of a job seeker visa is $445 for a regular visa and $515 for the express option.

Regular Visa Fee


Express Visa Fee


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