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Every UAE visit visa or Dubai tourist visa has a stipulated time in which you can stay in the country legally. After this time, if the visitor is supposed to exit the country and if they don’t, it is considered a visa overstay, which is illegal. The UAE government has clarified that tourists should not overstay their visa to Dubai under any circumstances.

Overstaying a tourist visa for Dubai can result in severe consequences that could even lead to travel agencies filing absconding and getting blacklisted. Once blacklisted, the visitor could never enter the UAE or any other GCC country.

The visitor would also be subject to penalties which include fines, imprisonment, and deportation. So, it is important for a visitor to apply for Extended Dubai Visa or UAE Online Tourist Visa before his current visa expires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to UAE law, a visitor is not allowed to stay in the country after the expiry of his visa to UAE. If they stay, it will be illegal and be considered as overstaying.
The UAE has announced that a visitor who overstays, should pay all the fines and obtain an outpass before leaving.
Overstaying in the UAE is a criminal offence that can get you arrested and deported.
To book your visa, you should meet the UAE visa requirements and provide a valid passport and passport-sized photographs, along with additional documents depending on the nationality.
Overstay cannot be waived off entirely unless you have a strong reason that justifies your overstay. However, you can contact the GDRFA authority and apply to reconsider your condition.